Collaboration with West House Books

West House Books (Sheffield) and Five Seasons Press co-published for silver see blue by Glenn Storhaug in 2003. This long poem was warmly welcomed by readers and critics. Read reviews from English – Journal of the English Association and Stride Magazine.

ISBN 0 947960 15 5 · £7.95 from Five Seasons Press

Design & typesetting

Five Seasons Press has also been responsible for designing, typesetting (and overseeing the production of) many other West House Books including Complete Travels (Corless-Smith); Days of ’49 (Halsey & Selerie); Death’s Jest-Book (Beddoes); Durham & Other Sequences (Griffiths); Hippototescopo (de Wit); Magpie Words (Caddel); Noctivagations (Monk); A Robin Hood Book (Halsey); The Text of Shelley’s Death (Halsey); Writing in the Dark (Caddel); Your Thinking Tracts or Nations (Corcoran & Halsey). See the West House Books website for full details.

Editions Poisson & d’Etioles

During the autumn of 2004 Glenn Storhaug translated Vanstyrets herre from the challenging, hilarious, experimental Swedish of the poet Mary Värme. In the spring of 2005 this book-length poem will be published in English as The Lord of Misrule by Editions Poisson & d’Etioles, Paris, and will be available from Five Seasons.

Hay Festival Press

The Hay Festival Press was launched in 2004 with two fine editions designed and produced by Five Seasons Press. Further titles will be published for this year’s and subsequent Hay Festivals.


The Bach Flower Research Programme ( is dedicated to international research into Dr Edward Bach’s flower remedies. One of its 34 main sections is devoted to ‘Poetry and Prose’ (accessed via ‘Creative’ on the main menu) and features some unusual studies of Ezra Pound, Emily Dickinson and D.H.Lawrence (among others) by Glenn Storhaug, the website editor. Feedback and further similar essays will be eagerly received.


Five Seasons has enjoyed a long collaboration with John Purcell Paper ( the distinguished specialist supplier of quality papers to artists and printers. Queries from publishers about Five Seasons 100% recycled paper (90gsm and 110 gsm ‘Original’ and 100 gsm ‘Stone White’) can be addressed directly to Five Seasons. Among other publishers, Green Books Ltd ( has been a consistent user of these papers since their development in 1986.

A new collaboration with John Purcell Paper involves hand-made bamboo paper for artists and calligraphers. Wang Xiao Li (see Chinese Taoist texts above) is overseeing the production and export of this paper from Sichuan Province.

See also battle of the book papers.


Various parallel-text collaborations, beginning with Chinese Taoist texts and T’ang Dynasty poetry translated by Wang Xiao Li (resident in Chengdu, Sichuan Province – and Glenn Storhaug.