Complete checklist

Listed chronologically—together with notes on
Five Seasons presses, fonts and papers

Glenn Storhaug

New Year Song

1977 · 4.5 x 11cm

50 copies hand-printed on the first Five Seasons Stephenson Blake letterpress proofing press. (Baskerville-with various titling fonts-was the favoured type for this and other tentative productions, before Bembo, Bell and then Ehrhardt filled the cases. After the transition to Linotype photosetting in around 1989, Ehrhardt and Sabon were the most favoured. Ehrhardt still remains a favourite in the Adobe InDesign twenty-first century, along with Jenson and Garamond.) Folded broadside in manila envelope with title printed on flap.


Kilpeck Sloes

1977 · 4.5 x 11cm

50 hand-printed copies. Linocut by author printed in different colours on cover and half-title. (Various flatbed proofing presses were used at Five Seasons for all early productions. An unhelpful Mercedes cylinder press arrived in 1984, followed by a very helpful Heidelberg cylinder press in 1986.) In manila envelope with title printed on flap.

4pp sewn into card wrapper · Unavailable


In the Fair Field

1978 · 16.5 x 25.5cm

120 hand-printed copies. Cover illustration by Dan Gillan.

4pp sewn into card wrapper · Unavailable

Allen Ginsberg

Wales Visitation

1978 · 16.5 x 25.5cm

350 copies. With two sepia photographs (hand-printed off letterpress blocks) of Ginsberg in the Black Mountains by Tom Maschler. Third Maschler photograph used on cover. (All photographs are different from those used in private Cape Goliard edition. Text revised as in City Lights printings and Ellmann’s 'Oxford Book of American Verse’, but with author’s preferred unbroken lines.)

12pp sewn into card wrapper · Unavailable

Gael Turnbull

What Makes the Weeds Grow Tall

1978 · 16.5 x 25.5cm

140 hand-printed copies. Cover illustration by Ian Rolls.

4pp sewn into card wrapper · Unavailable

Anne Stevenson

Sonnets for Five Seasons

1979 · 24 x 21.5cm

250 copies hand-printed. 8pp plus endpapers sewn into Tre Kronor card cover.

Co-published with Other Poetry Editions, Hay-on-Wye.


Alan Halsey

In Sight of Carnllidi

1979 · 16.5 x 25.5cm

230 hand-printed copies. Two brush drawings by author, one facing poem and one on cover.

4pp sewn into card wrapper · Unavailable

Song of the Rowan

1979 · 16.5 x 25.5cm

350 hand-printed copies. Two line drawings by Marianne May, one facing poem and one on cover.

8pp sewn into card wrapper · Unavailable

Another Loop in our Days


Special edition 19 x 28cm: 26 signed copies lettered A-Z. Hand-printed on Zerkall mould-made paper with hand-made Japanese endpapers. Sewn into card cover with Canson jacket.

24pp · Unavailable

Ordinary edition 18.8 x 26cm: hand-printed on white wove and sewn into card wrapper.

24pp · Unavailable

Glenn Storhaug (editor)

The Kilpeck Anthology


Poetry and prose by Fleur Adcock, Martin Booth, Gillian Clarke, Michael Farley, Alan Halsey, Seamus Heaney, Frances Horovitz, B.S.Johnson, Paul Merchant, Eric Mottram, Jeff Nuttall, Anne Stevenson, Glenn Storhaug, D.M.Thomas, Gael Turnbull, Nigel Wells and Jonathan Williams. Illustrations by John Furnival, Alan Halsey, Caroline Hands, Kenneth Lindley, Jeff Nuttall, Enok Sweetland and Al Vandenberg.

Special edition  20.5 x 30cm: 50 hand-printed numbered copies with five pages screenprinted by Brian Nevitt. Hand-made Barcham Green toned paper. Bound in gilt-lettered quarter morocco and canvas boards in canvas slipcase.

56pp · Unavailable

Trade edition  20.3 x 29cm: printed offset by the Senecio Press from letterpress proofs pulled on baryta paper. Section-sewn paperback.

ISBN 9504606 3 X · 56pp · Unavailable

Michael Hamburger

In Suffolk

1982 · 20 x 27cm

Long poem, all 66 pages of text hand-set in one go from several cases of 14pt Ehrhardt. Printed on Zerkall mould-made paper and bound in quarter canvas and cloth boards (upper board blind printed) in canvas slipcase. Frontispiece etching by Derek Southall guarded-in. 150 numbered copies signed by author and artist.  Unavailable

Frances Horovitz
Roger Garfitt

Rowlstone Haiku

1982 · 17 x 26.5cm

Six poems illustrated with brush drawings by Alan Halsey. Printed on Rives mould-made paper sewn into card cover. The text is hand-printed by letterpress at Five Seasons, while the brush-drawings on the same pages are printed as offset half-tones at the Senecio Press. Relief-planographic combination on front cover as well. 8pp. 26 copies were lettered A-Z and signed by authors and artist. 54 copies were hors commerce. 220 further copies were numbered. 500 copies were reprinted in 1983.  

All unavailable

Michael Farley
Paul Strangroom

At The Year’s Root

1983 · 22 x 23.5cm

Special edition in solander box with etching on front board. 16pp · Unavailable

Trade edition [pictured] sewn into Colorplan cover with Zerkall mould-made jacket. Farley’s poems printed letterpress (at Five Seasons) over Stangroom’s drawings printed offset-litho (at The Senecio Press).  

16pp · Unavailable 

Paul Merchant

Salt Water Island

1983 · 19.5 x 28cm

Long poem hand-set in Baskerville and printed on Zerkall irregular mould-made paper whose undulating laid lines reflect the painted wave on the Canson jacket and also the waves between islands of metal type-as evoked in the photographs of set type (on the oceanic imposing stone) which line the solander boxes of the special edition.

As well as the 10 signed copies in these special boxes made by Christine Cleaton, 300 numbered copies were hand-printed and hand-sewn into Colorplan boards with the Canson jacket as described above.

All unavailable

Bone from a Stag’s Heart

1988 · 15 x 21cm

Five sequences of poems. Letterpress-printed section-sewn paperback with cover illustration by Alan Halsey.  · Unavailable

Some Business Of Affinity

2006 · 24 x 16.5cm

A series of translations, responses, reworkings, and interpretations of an array of different cultures, languages and writers. Included are reactions to Catallus and Hokusai, reworkings of excerpts from Coleridge's notebooks, and translations of Aeschylus and medieval Welsh author Dafydd ap Gwilym. These are interspersed with illustrations that augment Merchant's selections and comment on the nature of translation itself.

ISBN 978-0-947960-39-1 · 272pp · Unavailable 

Charles Haldeman

without graves—no resurrections

1984 · 16 x 22cm

Three poems and the ‘Chania Haiku’ sequence. Checklist of Haldeman’s novels published and unpublished. Foreword by Peter Levi. Two drawings by Jan Liodaki.   

16pp · In print · £7.50

David Constantine

Mappa Mundi

A poem in nine parts celebrating the Mappa Mundi in Hereford Cathedral.

Special edition 19.5 x 23cm
50 signed & numbered copies on Zerkall mould-made paper sewn into imitation-parchment wrapper inserted into board sleeve with label. In print · £15

Trade edition 18.5 x 21.5cm
12pp sewn into board wrapper · In print · £4.50

Gary Snyder

Good Wild Sacred

1984 · 14 x 19cm

First publication in book form of this essay.

65 signed and numbered copies (15 hors commerce) were printed off Monotype Bembo (cast at Gwasg Boase, Monmouth) on mould-made Arches paper, with hand-made Japanese Mingei endpapers, hand-sewn into Strathmore covers. Each copy inserted into a blind-printed sleeve/slipcase made by Christine Cleaton using a specially-designed paper hand-made by Maureen Richardson. The first trade edition was printed on recycled drawing cartridge and sewn into Strathmore covers with a Colorplan endpaper. The trade reprint was produced by offset-litho at The Senecio Press using the same materials.

ISBN 0 947960  · Unavailable

Glenn Storhaug

On Printing Poetry Aloud

1984 · 19 x 25cm

The Five Seasons manifesto reproduced from the pages of 'Matrix 2’ (1982). Subsequently republished in 'Type & Typography’ (Mark Batty, New York 2003).

Stapled pamphlet.

8pp · In print · £4
(only available when added to another order)

Oliver Bernard

Five Peace Poems

1985 · 19 x 27.5cm

Printed offset at Berrington Press, Hereford on 100% recycled drawing cartridge. Gollancz-pastiche cover printed letterpress at Five Seasons.

ISBN 0 947960 01 5 · 16pp · In print · £5.00 

Richard Murphy

The Price of Stone

1985 20 x 27cm

115 signed and numbered copies of Murphy’s sonnet sequence (preceding the Faber edition) published by First Hand Editions, an imprint of Five Seasons Press. Hand-printed off Monotype Bell (cast at Gwasg Boase, Monmouth) on Zerkall mould-made paper. Bound in quarter buckram and cloth boards (upper board printed with an engraving by Reg Boulton) in cloth slipcase. Unavailable

Michael Horovitz
Peter Blake

Midsummer Morning Jog Log

1986 · 20 x 27cm

Long poem by Horovitz with drawings by Blake.

Special edition: 100 copies numbered and signed by author and artist were printed off hand-set Ehrhardt on hand-made Richard de Bas paper. The five Peter Blake drawings were hand-printed off fine-line blocks on to hot-pressed Zerkall mould-made paper and tipped in. Bound in full hand-woven green dupion Indian silk. Laid in gold-blocked solander box with Blake plate inset on upper lid. Book endpapers and box linings in Richard de Bas 'papier à inclusions florales’. Unavailable

Trade editions (cloth and paper) were printed off the same hand-set type:

Cloth edition section-sewn and bound in green cloth over boards with Blake jacket, printed letterpress at Five Seasons.

ISBN 0 9504606 7 2 · 40pp · Unavailable 

Paperback edition

ISBN 0 9504606 8 0 · 40pp · Unavailable 

Wendell Berry

The Landscape of Harmony: two essays on wilderness & community

1987 · 13.7 x 18.7cm

‘A Wendell Berry primer for British readers.’ With an introduction by Michael Hamburger to the writings of Wendell Berry, together with a checklist of Wendell Berry’s books. The essays are ‘Preserving wilderness’ and ‘Does community have a value?’. · Unavailable

Alan Halsey

Auto Dada Café

1987 · 15 x 21cm

Nineteen poems printed letterpress.

Special edition: twenty-six special copies, lettered A-Z, were hand-printed on Hahnemühle mould-made paper and bound by Christine Cleaton in boards covered with a letterpress-printed cloth with a cut-up design by the author. Each copy has as frontispiece an original tipped-in Halsey collage. Unavailable

Trade edition of 350 copies wire-stitched into card cover illustrated by the author.

ISBN 0 9504606 9 9 · 32pp · In print · £8.00 

Jay Ramsay and Carole Bruce

The White Poem

1988 · 22.5 x 27cm

Long poem with photographs by Carole Bruce. Co-published with Rivelin Grapheme Press. Photoset in Sabon at Glevum Graphics and printed at The Senecio Press, using the duotone process for the black-and-white photographs.

Cloth edition: section-sewn into boards with laminated jacket featuring duotone Bruce photograph.  · Unavailable

Paperback: section-sewn in laminated cover with same design. · Unavailable

Roy Fisher

Near Garmsley Camp

1988 · 17 x 26cm


With two illustrations by Caroline Hands.

Printed on Rives mould-made paper and sewn into Colorplan cover. 275 copies signed and numbered by author and artist.  · Unavailable

Vigdis Garbarek

The Way to Your Self

1994 · 7.5 x 20cm

Fifty numbered copies. Translated from the Norwegian by Glenn Storhaug and the author. Centaur type cast at The Whittington Press and reset in the stick at Five Seasons. Hand-printed on Hahnemühle Ingres mould-made paper on the former FAG proofing press at its new location at The Old Stile Press. Frontispiece individually painted for each copy by the author. 94pp sewn with ribbon Japanese-style, enclosed by wooden boards made in sweet chestnut and laced with Japanese ribbon.


Alan Halsey

The Text of Shelley’s Death

2001 · 15.5 x 22.5cm

Collage prose poem / biographical study.

‘A cross-genre masterpiece.’

The 1995 Five Seasons letterpress-printed trade edition edition is out of print.

This offset reprint is published by West House Books, Sheffield. Section-sewn paperback with Shelley manuscript cover.

ISBN 1 904052 00 2 · 84pp · In print · £8.95
[orders will be forwarded to West House Press]


1995 · 18 x 26cm

A few copies remain of the 1995 special edition (see photo) hand-printed at Five Seasons on hand-made Fabriano Umbria paper and bound by The Fine Bindery in an imitation-parchment reproduction of an Italian memorandum book, with foredge flap, used by Shelley in 1822.

Manuscripts reproduced from the Bodleian Shelley collection decorate both the endpapers and the solander-box covers. Now only available from West House Books.

In print · £235
[orders will be forwarded to West House Press]

Roger Garfitt

Border Songs

1996 · 13 x 22cm

350 signed and numbered copies. Sequence of twelve poems with detailed historical notes. Printed off Monotype Bembo on the Western proofing press installed at Wickton Court, the last Five Seasons letterpress office (where The Text of Shelley’s Death and Gary Snyder’s broadside were also printed, while the bread-and-butter business of book-design and Linotype photosetting continued apace). 32pp hand-sewn into Gainsborough card cover with drawing by Priscilla Eckhard. Unavailable

Paul Matthews

The Ground That Love Seeks

1996 · 14 x 23cm

New and selected poems. 'Pre Preface’ by Robert Duncan. Photoset at Five Seasons and printed offset by Biddles with laminated jacket printed at The Senecio Press. Section-sewn paperback. Second printing.  · Unavailable

Gary Snyder

Boat of a Million Years

1996 · 38 x 57cm · broadside / poster poem

First publication of the poem shortly afterwards included in Snyder’s 'Mountains and Rivers Without End’ (Counterpoint). Chinese calligraphy by Kwok Man Ho. Printed letterpress in two colours on Rives mould-made paper. Numbered edition of 300.

A few copies available ·  £75

David Hart

Setting the Poem to Words

1998 · 15.5 x 23cm

His major collection. Photoset at Five Seasons and printed by Biddles (first web offset production to use Five Seasons recycled paper). Section-sewn paperback.

ISBN 0 947960 19 8 · 144pp · In print · £8.50

Crag Inspector

2002 · 14.5 x 21cm

'A Poem of Bardsey Island’

Typeset at Five Seasons and printed by Biddles. Section-sewn paperback in Swedish Tre Kronor covers.

ISBN 0 947960 29 5 · 64pp · In print · £8.00

Glenn Storhaug

for silver see blue

2003   · 15 x 21cm

A long poem co-published by West House Books. · Unavailable

Alan Halsey


April 2005 · 24.8 x 17.6cm

Section-sewn paperback plus CD-Rom. For more details see home page.

ISBN 0 947960 34 1 · 416pp · In print ·  £15.50

Charles Johnson

The Feather-list Extracts

April 2005 · 23.4 x 15.6cm

Section-sewn paperback. · Unavailable

Alan Halsey

Remarks of Uncertain Consequence

2022 · 13.7 x 21.6cm

Alan Halsey revisits scenes from his childhood in south London and in a sequence of prose poems reflects on his absence in his late mother’s photo collection. He also offers remarks on notions of heritage and empire, palaeontology, book dealing and collecting, the Great War, George the 3rd, Pompeii, psychoanalysis, etymology, dystopias, ageing, the Restoration court, leasehold, the Dulle Griet and pandemics among other topics in an array of eighty-one pieces, mostly poems, begun in 2009 and finished during the 2021 lockdown.

ISBN 978-0-947960 · 128pp · In print · £14.00


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