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Oliver Bernard

Five Peace Poems

1985 · 19 x 27.5cm

Printed offset at Berrington Press, Hereford on 100% recycled drawing cartridge. Gollancz-pastiche cover printed letterpress at Five Seasons.

ISBN 0 947960 01 5 · 16pp · Price £5.00

David Constantine

Mappa Mundi

A poem in nine parts celebrating the Mappa Mundi in Hereford Cathedral.

Special edition 19.5 x 23cm
50 signed & numbered copies on Zerkall mould-made paper sewn into imitation-parchment wrapper inserted into board sleeve with label.   Price £15

Trade edition 18.5 x 21.5cm
12pp sewn into board wrapper · Price £4.50

Allen Fisher

Proposals 6


2010  · 33 x 48cm · broadside / poster poem

Proposals 6 is one of 35 sets, each comprising a poem, an image and a commentary, a convention deriving from such books of emblems as those of Andrea Alciati in sixteenth-century Italy.

Price £20


Charles Haldeman

without graves—no resurrections

1984 · 16 x 22cm

Three poems and the ‘Chania Haiku’ sequence. Checklist of Haldeman’s novels published and unpublished. Foreword by Peter Levi. Two drawings by Jan Liodaki.   

16pp · Price £7.50

Alan Halsey

After Sappho Frag. 16


2015  · 45 x 32cm · broadside six / poster poem

This new version of Sappho’s poem, contrasting love for Anaktoria with distaste for military heroics, was offered by Alan Halsey to Five Seasons a century after the outbreak of WW1 – also a century after the first publication of the Sapphic fragments painstakingly reconstituted from scraps of papyrus found in the Egyptian desert. The letterpress-printed poem is accompanied by a giclée-printed reproduction of the original papyri now in the Bodleian Library. Printed on discontinued Velin Arches Crème cotton paper.

50 copies numbered and signed by the author.
Price UK £30 / US $54

Auto Dada Café

1987 · 15 x 21cm

Nineteen poems printed letterpress.

Special edition not in print — see complete checklist.

Trade edition in Colorplan cover with author’s illustration.

ISBN 0 9504606 9 9 · 32pp · Price £8


April 2005 · 24.8 x 17.6cm

Section-sewn paperback plus CD-Rom. For more details see home page.

ISBN 0 947960 34 1 · 416pp · £15.50

The Text of Shelley’s Death

2001 · 15.5 x 22.5cm

Collage prose poem / biographical study.

‘A cross-genre masterpiece.’

The 1995 Five Seasons letterpress-printed trade edition is out of print (see complete checklist).

This offset reprint is published by West House Books, Sheffield. Section-sewn paperback with Shelley manuscript cover.

ISBN 1 904052 00 2 · 84pp · Price £8.95
[orders will be forwarded to West House Press]


1995 · 18 x 26cm

A few copies remain of the 1995 special edition (see photo) hand-printed at Five Seasons on hand-made Fabriano Umbria paper and bound by The Fine Bindery in an imitation-parchment reproduction of an Italian memorandum book, with foredge flap, used by Shelley in 1822.

Manuscripts reproduced from the Bodleian Shelley collection decorate both the endpapers and the solander-box covers. Now only available from West House Books.

Price £235
[orders will be forwarded to West House Press]

Remarks of Uncertain Consequence

2022 · 13.7 x 21.6cm

Alan Halsey revisits scenes from his childhood in south London and in a sequence of prose poems reflects on his absence in his late mother’s photo collection. He also offers remarks on notions of heritage and empire, palaeontology, book dealing and collecting, the Great War, George the 3rd, Pompeii, psychoanalysis, etymology, dystopias, ageing, the Restoration court, leasehold, the Dulle Griet and pandemics among other topics in an array of eighty-one pieces, mostly poems, begun in 2009 and finished during the 2021 lockdown.

ISBN 978-0-947960 · 128pp · Price £14.00

David Hart

Setting the Poem to Words

1998 · 15.5 x 23cm

His major collection. Photoset at Five Seasons and printed by Biddles (first web offset production to use Five Seasons recycled paper). Section-sewn paperback.

ISBN 0 947960 19 8 · 144pp · Price £8.50

Crag Inspector

2002 · 14.5 x 21cm

'A Poem of Bardsey Island’

Typeset at Five Seasons and printed by Biddles. Section-sewn paperback in Swedish Tre Kronor covers.

ISBN 0 947960 29 5 · 144pp · Price £8.00

Running Out

2006 · 23.4 x15.6 cm

ISBN 978-0-947960-49-0 · 272 pages £10.50 


Anthony Mellors and Penny Hallas


2015  · 48 x 33cm · broadside seven / poster poem

A new poem by Mellors, demanding 30pt rather than our usual 24pt Bembo metal type. Each broadside (printed on Somerset pure cotton paper) combines the letterpress text of Anthony Mellors' poem with a giclée-printed painting by Penny Hallas.

45 copies numbered and signed by author and artist.
Price UK £30 / US $54

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Binsey Poplars

2019 · 28 x 37.5cm

Handprinted on mouldmade Somerset 100% cotton 250gsm buff paper.

�17.00 plus �5 for UK postage in a customised box (not a tube)

Paul Merchant

Bread and Caviar

2016 · 24.5 x 17.6cm

A quite new kind of collection with even more intriguing crossroads than those admired in Some Business of Affinity by Modern Poetry in Translation: ‘a must-buy for all those interested in translation, poetry or art and, in particular, the intriguing crossroads where all three meet; where “to draw is to draw together”’.

ISBN 978-0-947960-94-0 · 128pp · Price £11.50


Geraldine Monk


2009  · 33 x 48cm · broadside / poster poem

Hilarious, haunting, colourful exploration of the UFO acronym.

Price £20

Richard Penna

One Man

1999 · 14.5 x 21cm

A novel disguised as a poem or vice versa.

'I was somewhat hypnotized by it - by a quality of the stanzaic scheme that I could not put my finger on. I also liked the humour, the quietly disorientating treatment of time, and many other things. It’s a poem that stays in the mind.’ J.M.Coetzee

Photoset at Five Seasons and printed by Biddles. Section-sewn paperback with coloured endpapers and Gainsborough cover.

Distributed for Annephelios Press, France

ISBN 2 9513747 0 4 · 80pp · Price £10

Frances Presley


2011  · 33 x 48cm · broadside four / poster poem

A celebration of hazel printed three years before Frances Presley’s remarkable Shearsman collection halse for hazel.

Price £20

An Alphabet for Alina 

2012 · 24.8 x 18cm

With drawings by Peterjon Skelt. An alphabetical sequence with a poem and drawing for each letter. See reviews on home page.

ISBN 978-0-947960-65-0 · 64 pages · £9.95

Gavin Selerie

Hariot Double

2016 · 24.5 x 16.7cm

Hariot Double probes the life and work of the Renaissance scholar Thomas Hariot and of the Jamaican saxophonist Joe Harriott, its focus shifting between the New World and London.

Gavin Selerie’s (re)constructions on 50/60s London and the Elizabethan Old and New Worlds utilise the ear of the jazz musician and the intellectual and historical delving of the polymath: both Hariots, both Seleries. Sometimes the terrain is mapped out by formal invention, geometries of text; and, throughout, the book glimpses itself in the mirrors of Alan Halsey’s inventive graphics

ISBN 978-0-947960-89-6 · 364 pages £18.50   

Le Fanu’s Ghost

2006 · 24.5 x 16.5 cm

ISBN 978-0-947960-44-5 · 352 pages £15.50   

Gary Snyder

Boat of a Million Years

1996 · 57 x 38cm · broadside six / poster poem

First publication of the poem shortly afterwards included in Snyder’s 'Mountains and Rivers Without End’ (Counterpoint). Chinese calligraphy by Kwok Man Ho. Printed letterpress in two colours on Rives mould-made paper. Numbered edition of 300.

Price £60 / US $98


2015 · 54 x 32cm · broadside five / poster poem

This poem in memory of the poet’s wife Carole uses ‘beetle-kill pine’ as a central image. Consequently the illustration is handprinted directly off a piece of beetle-kill pine which took many months to find. Printed on BFK Rives cotton paper.

The first 50 copies have been numbered and signed by the author: UK £95 / US $159.
Remaining copies numbered 51 to 140: UK £45 / US $77

O Mother Gaia

1984 · 54 x 35cm · broadside / poster poem

A letterpress-combined-with-litho edition of 65 copies on Whatman rag paper.

Price UK £55 / US $95

Glenn Storhaug

On Printing Poetry Aloud

1984 · 19 x 25cm

The Five Seasons manifesto reproduced from the pages of 'Matrix 2’ (1982). Subsequently republished in 'Type & Typography’ (Mark Batty, New York 2003).

Stapled pamphlet.

8pp · Price £4
(only available when added to another order)

Caroline Seymour


2015  · 32 x 45cm

Poem and photograph by Caroline Seymour. The text, set in 30pt Bembo, is letterpress-printed over a giclée reproduction of Caroline Seymour’s silver gelatin print. (BFK Rives cotton paper)

50 copies numbered and signed.
Price: UK £30 / US $54.





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